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Отличные упражнения на Present Perfect — выполняем и проверяем!

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Здравствуйте, мои любимые читатели.

Сегодня мы будем практиковать очень интересную тему английского языка, с которой у многих возникает куча проблем — «Настоящее совершенное время». А закреплять мы ее будем, выполняя упражнения на Present Perfect. Надеюсь, что после этого вам станет намного легче справляться с этим временем.

Упражнение 1.

  1. I (to be) to their concert twice. Their music is amazing.
  2. I (not/to see) Jane since the day of her wedding. They (to come back) from their honey moon yet?
  3. —Where is your ID Card? —I (to lose) it. They are going to make me another one.
  4. Oh, look! It’s Sarah. I (not/to see) her for a long time.
  5. Jane is on holiday. She (to go) to Ireland.
  6. —Are you going to the medical center? —I (already/to be) there today.
  7. I am waiting for a very important letter. It (not/to arrive) yet?
  8. My father (to start) a new job recently. He is very busy now. I (not/talk) to him for a long time already.


Упражнение 2.

  1. You (to hear) from Melisa recently? — No, she (to go) to China for a seminar and (not/come back) yet.
  2. It was a great weekend. I (to meet) lots of people for the last few days.
  3. It is the first time I (to swim) in the ocean. I (never/do) this before.
  4. You (ever\try) Indian or Chinese food?
  5. I was very busy with the project recently. So I (not/seen) any of my friends for a long time.
  6. You (ever/to speak) to a famous person in your life?
  7. What is the most beautiful place you (ever/to see)?
  8. I (to give up) smoking last year. I (not\to smoke) since then.


Упражнение 3.

Hello, Josh. I hope you are enjoying your holidays in America. Everything is fine at home. Molly 1. (to receive) the exam results from school recently. She 2. (to get) the highest possible point among all the children. Aunt Franny 3.  (to sell) her old car and 4. (already/to buy) a new one. Mother 5.  (already/to plan) our next weekend holidays. We are going for a barbeque party. Father 6.  (to be) to Paris twice since the time you left. He has so much to tell you. And I  7. (to get) a confirmation letter about my internship in the law firm. So everything is good. Come home. We miss you.


Упражнение 4.

In a result of a lottery win, the life of The Brants has changed completely.

  1. They (to move) to a new big house. Besides, they (to hire) a cleaner and a butler.
  2. Brant (to gain) weight and (to grow) a beard.
  3. Lily Brant (to take up) tennis. She (already/win) the school championship.
  4. John Brant (to join) the football team
  5. Brant (to lose) weight. She (to buy) new clothes and (to join) the reading club.


Упражнение 5.

  1. Ты раньше водил машину?
  2. — Ты когда-либо играла в теннис? — Нет, никогда.
  3. Я читаю газеты каждое утро. Но я еще не читал газету сегодня.
  4. Ты был в Лондоне?
  5. — Как тебе новая учительница? — Я не знаю. Я болела, поэтому еще не встречала ее.
  6. Лили потеряла паспорт. Это второй раз, когда это произошло.
  7. Билли снова звонит своей девушке. Этой третий раз, когда он позвонил ей за этот вечер.


Попробуйте пройти онлайн тест по теме Present Perfect.

Ну вот, мои дорогие, надеюсь, что вы вдоволь напрактиковались и грамматика 6 и 7 класса с вами прижилась). Ждите следующие практические уроки, а пока я с вами прощаюсь.

До новых встреч.

See you soon.

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Упражнение 1.

  1. Have been.
  2. Haven’t seen, have they come.
  3. Have lost.
  4. Have not seen.
  5. Has gone.
  6. Have already been.
  7. Has not it arrived.
  8. Has started, have not talked.

Упражнение 2.

  1. Have you heard, has gone, has not come back
  2. Have met.
  3. Have swum, have never done.
  4. Have you ever tried.
  5. Have not seen.
  6. Have you ever spoken.
  7. Have ever seen.
  8. Gave up, have not smoked.

Упражнение 3.

  1. Has received.
  2. Has got.
  3. Has sold.
  4. Has already bought.
  5. Has already planned
  6. Has been.
  7. Have got.

Упражнение 4.

  1. Have moved, have hired.
  2. Has gained, has grown.
  3. Has taken up, has already won.
  4. Has joined.
  5. Has lost, has bought, has joined.

Упражнение 5.

  1. Have you ever driven a car?
  2. —Have you ever played tennis? — No, I have not.
  3. I read the newspapers every morning. But I haven't read the paper today.
  4. Have you been to London?
  5. — How's you new teacher? I don't know. I was sick, so I haven't met her yet.
  6. Lily has lost the passport. This is the second time it has happened.
  7. Billy is calling to his girlfriend. This is the third time he has phoned her this evening.
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