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Чтение элементарных предложений с опорой на картинки

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Родители любят своих детей тревожной и снисходительной любовью, которая портит их. Есть другая любовь, внимательная и спокойная, которая делает их честными. И такова настоящая любовь матери и отца...



It is a cat. It is red and nice. It is his cat. rifma-catJake
This is a fat man. He cannot run and ride a bike.  fatbike
This is a bag. It is her bag. It is small. bag Jane
 My name is Sam. I hate to bake a cake.  bakehate
 These bad boys cannot be mates.  matebad
 I like to get tan and see the sun.  suntan
 I took the book and put it on the table.  tabletook
 I give flowers to my aunt. It is fine!  finegave
 This is a tram. It is yellow and red. And that is a cross. It is black.  crosstram
 Put a wet plate on the table.  tableplate
She is late. It is not her clock. rifma-clock late
A man has a son. His name is Mike. Mike has a pet.  sonpet
 This is a nice lake. You can dive here.  lakedive
 It is autumn. You can use a rake.  autumnrake
 Mice like this yummy cake.  micecake
 Where is the ball?  questionball
 We have money and many cats.  cashmany
 This is a steel case. A long hose is in it.  casehose
 I am a pupil. I like to walk and  study.  gostudy
 This is a nose. It can smell a flower.  noserose
Usually we meet on the street. And then we greet. Manchester-Town-Ha_2256146igreet
Your face is pale. You need a snack. paleParty Snacks
I like your pig. Give it to me. pigneed
 It is a lesson. We can see many children.  lessonchildren
 This is a child. He has two ears.  childears
 This is a woman. She has two eyes.  womaneyes
 I can see five women. Whose cup is it?  womencup
 What is it here? It is a black night.  whatnight
 He took this thick book thrice.  thickthrice
 My name is Jane. I sell many pills.  sellpill
Put this dress in the box. dressrifma-box
Chess is a good game.  chessgood
 I have such a good lunch. It is yummy.  lunchsuch
 We have bad rash. why?  rashwhy
 I am in shock. The chick is not in the shell.  shockshell
 Thank you. This ring is nice.  thankring
The king is rich. He has a bank. kingbank
I have a cool pool in my room. poolroom
It can fly in the sky. smallsky



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