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Упражнения на тему «Неопределенные местоимения»

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На этой страничке вы найдете упражнения на неопределенные местоимения в английском. Если сомневаетесь — повторите правило, а потом возвращайтесь.

Ваша задача — выбрать один верный вариант из двух или трех предложенных. Ответы, как всегда, найдете ниже.

  1. —Can I help you, Miss?   —Yes, I like  all\ both\ none  these skirts. Which  ones\ one  suits me most?
  2. Nick has three brothers -  both\ all  of them has already graduated from university.
  3. It will require  many\ much.  And we have  little\ few  time. What can we do with it?
  4. None of\ All of  the guests was satisfied with the celebration.
  5. They had planned  every\ each  day of the holiday but weren’t prepared for the storm to begin.
  6. All\ None\ Neither  the clothes we offer can find its buyer. We have dresses for  each\ every\ all  age, shape and size.
  7. I need  another\ other  break. I am too tired to continue climbing.
  8. —Which project are you going to accept? — I like  the one\ once  about animal protection.
  9. There are  some\ any  letters on the table. Bring them to me, please.
  10. Either\ Neither  Cathy nor her parents are going to their cousin wedding.
  11. Every\ each  group member received an invitation for the party.
  12. It will do you  some\ no  good if you stay at home  every\ all  day.  You need to go to school and prepare for the exams.
  13. I don’t like that pie. I like  the one\ ones  with cherries on top.
  14. No\ None  of my friends texted me this week. That’s a pity.
  15. I like doing some exercises with my trainer but I hate doing difficult  one\ ones.


Упражнения на some any no

Упражнения на относительные местоимения

Упражнения на вопросительные местоимения




  1. Both, one.
  2. All.
  3. Much, little.
  4. None of.
  5. Each.
  6. All, every.
  7. Another.
  8. The one.
  9. Some.
  10. Neither.
  11. Every\Each.
  12. No, all.
  13. The one.
  14. None.
  15. Ones.

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