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Упражнения на тему «Общие вопросы»

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Make general questions (составьте общие вопросы).

  • He wakes up at 6 am every day.
  • They were at lessons the day before yesterday.
  • We will go to a party next weekend.
  • My brother is going to be a lawyer.
  • I have never been in Liverpool.
  • She is watching an interesting film now.
  • We are smart students.
  • I wanted to play football.
  • There will be a concert on the open air.
  • Maria may ask permission.

Translate sentences (переведите предложения).

  • Вы недавно видели Люси?
  • Майкл умеет плавать?
  • Завтра в 6 вечера мы будем на конференции?
  • Твоя лучшая подруга Николь?
  • Твои друзья собираются идти на прогулку?
  • Она вчера слушала радио?
  • Завтра с 9 до 10 дети будут рисовать?
  • Мне последовать его совету?
  • Вы изучаете английский регулярно?
  • Ее родители работали вчера весь день?

Make general questions and give short answers (составьте общие вопросы и дайте на них короткие ответы).

  • His answers weren't correct.
  • We have to iron many things every week.
  • You will be able to tell us this story next lesson.
  • Our relatives are going to meet with us.
  • She mustn't drink coffee.
  • Your friend won't pass the exam again.
  • He could run so fast 3 years ago.
  • She bought a uniform last week.
  • She will clean her room in 2 days.
  • I should go to university.


Более легкий вариант упражнений на общие вопросы в английском вы найдете на этой странице.



Упр. 1

  • Does he wake up at 6 am every day?
  • Were they at lessons the day before yesterday?
  • Will we go to a party next weekend?
  • Is my brother going to be a lawyer?
  • Have you ever been in Liverpool?
  • Is she watching an interesting film now?
  • Are we smart students?
  • Did I want to play football?
  • Will there be a concert on the open air?
  • May Maria ask permission?

Упр. 2

  • Have you seen Lucy recently?
  • Can Michael swim?
  • Will we be at the conference tomorrow at 6 p.m?
  • Is Nicole your best friend?
  • Are your friends going for a walk?
  • Did she listen to the radio yesterday?
  • Will the children be drawing from 9 till 10 tomorrow?
  • Should I follow his advice?
  • Do you study English regularly?
  • Were her parents working all day yesterday?

Упр. 3

  • Were his answers correct? – No, they weren’t.
  • Do we have to iron many things every week? – Yes, we do.
  • Will you be able to tell us this story next lesson? – Yes, I will.
  • Are our relatives going to meet with us? – Yes, they are.
  • Must she drink coffee? – No, she mustn’t.
  • Will your friend pass the exam again? – No, he won’t.
  • Could he run so fast 3 years ago? – Yes, he could.
  • Did she buy a uniform last week? – Yes, she did.
  • Will she clean her room in 2 days? – Yes, she will.
  • Should I go to university? — Yes, I should.

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