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Упражнения по теме «Альтернативный вопрос в английском»

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Упражнение 1:

Поставьте альтернативный вопрос к выделенным словам:

  1. He is going to read at the weekend. (to ride a bike)
  2. I would like a cup of tea. (some juice)
  3. His hobby is to ride a horse. (to play football)
  4. Jim loves Kelly. (Jane)
  5. The water is boiling. (not boil)
  6. Kate spoke in a very low (loud)
  7. Anne has been teaching us for 5 years. (6 years)
  8. The girl is from London. (Paris)
  9. She must look after the baby because her parents are going out tonight. (grandmother)
  10. We have talked about Rita’s boyfriend for a long time. (Sue)
  11. He could play the piano when he was a boy. (guitar)
  12. Ferry and Joe are coming to the party. (not come)
  13. On Saturday the Parkers had an excellent dinner at home. (Browns)
  14. Jeremy usually goes to school by car. (bus)
  15. We go to the cinema once a week. (twice)

Упражнение 2:


  1. Он вчера ходил в школу или в кино?
  2. Ты видишь мою маму или бабушку?
  3. Она спит или нет?
  4. Они могут говорить по-немецки или по-французски?
  5. Соня приедет в понедельник или пятницу?
  6. Он живет в доме или квартире?
  7. Аэропорт большой или маленький?
  8. Сколько человек в твоей семье – три или четыре?
  9. В этом классе находятся студенты или учителя?
  10. Ты на ужин ешь мясо или рыбу каждый день?
  11. В спальне радио или телевизор?
  12. Твоя жена предпочитает сама водить машину или чтобы ее возили?
  13. Они видели эту церковь или нет?
  14. Тим может дать эту книгу на 2 или 3 недели?
  15. Твой отец пользуется компьютером на работе или дома?


Упражнение 3:

Ответьте на вопрос:

  1. Are there two or four teachers in this class?
  2. Does your father work in the evening or in the daytime?
  3. Which city do you like — Paris or London?
  4. Who has any pet at home?
  5. Is he good at Science or Mathematics?
  6. Is your friend’s job interesting or not?
  7. Does Sam drink much milk or water?
  8. Is it good for her health?
  9. Is parrot green or yellow?
  10. Do you often change your toothbrush?
  11. Is he cleaning her car or his one?
  12. Are elephants insects?
  13. Is Hamlet a play or TV show?
  14. Are you afraid of bees?
  15. Do you like mice or cats?

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Упражнение 1:

  1. Is he going to read or ride a bike at the weekend?
  2. Would you like a cup of tea or some juice?
  3. Is his hobby to ride a horse or to play football?
  4. Does Jim love Kelly or Jane?
  5. Is the water boiling or not?
  6. Did Kate speak in a very low or loud voice?
  7. Has Anne been teaching us for 5 or 6 years?
  8. Is the girl from London or Paris?
  9. Must she look after the baby or the grandmother?
  10. Have we talked about Rita’s or Sue’s boyfriend for a long time?
  11. Could he play the piano or the guitar when he was a boy?
  12. Are Ferry and Joe coming to the party or not?
  13. Did the Parkers or the Browns have an excellent dinner at home on Saturday?
  14. Does Jeremy usually go to school by car or by bus?
  15. Do we go to the cinema once or twice a week?

Упражнение 2:

  1. Did he go to school or to the cinema yesterday?
  2. Can you see my mother or my grandma?
  3. Is she sleeping or not?
  4. Can they speak German or French?
  5. Is Sonia arriving on Monday or Friday?
  6. Does he live in a house or in a flat?
  7. Is the airport big or small?
  8. How many people are there in your family — three or four?
  9. Are there students or teachers in this class?
  10. Do you have fish or meat for dinner every day?
  11. Is there a radio or TV in the bedroom?
  12. Does your wife prefer to drive or to be driven?
  13. Have they seen that church or not?
  14. Can Tim give this book for 2 or 3 weeks?
  15. Does your father use a computer at work or at home?

Упражнение 3:

  1. There are 2 teachers in this class.
  2. He works in the daytime.
  3. I like Paris.
  4. He does.
  5. He is good at Science.
  6. It is not interesting.
  7. He drinks a lot of water.
  8. Yes, it is.
  9. It is green.
  10. Yes, I do / No, I don’t.
  11. He is cleaning her car.
  12. No, they are not.
  13. It is a play.
  14. Yes, I am / No, I am not.
  15. I like cats.

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