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Упражнения по теме «Косвенная речь в английском языке»

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Упражнение 1:

Употребите told или said:

  1. She … me she didn’t agree.
  2. He … he wasn’t interested in politics.
  3. She smiled and … to me, ‘I’m very pleased to meet you.’
  4. Jim … me about the party last night.
  5. The policeman … the man was lying.
  6. They … me they were going to a meeting.
  7. Bill … his friend to go home.
  8. He … he didn’t like the film.

Вставьте is/are, was/were, had been:

  1. He says every time when he sees me he … so glad to talk to me.
  2. He said he … eleven.
  3. He told her that his mother … cooking.
  4. I said that he … to London a year before.
  5. My parents say they … pleased with the holidays.
  6. I … told there … a beautiful forest here earlier.
  7. My mother asked why they … shouting.


Упражнение 2:

Переведите предложения из косвенной речи в прямую:

  1. He said that he was going to leave Rome.
  2. He asked if Peter had been to Berlin.
  3. Kate said she was thirsty.
  4. My boss asked her if she liked having her meals alone.
  5. She told me to revise everything for the examination.
  6. My sister says he was in Paris 2 years before.
  7. She asked her son if he would be back early that day.
  8. They answered that they had to go to the library after lessons.
  9. The son asked his mother to pass him the salad.
  10. The doctor said the patient could not walk alone because he was weak.
  11. They asked me how I got to the station.
  12. He told us he had two children, his son was three and his daughter was five.
  13. She asked whether I was ready to go.
  14. She explained it would take her ten minutes to pack.
  15. He asked the children not to make so much noise.


Упражнение 3:

Переведите предложения в косвенную речь, используя He said / he asked и т.д.:

  1. ‘He hasn’t eaten breakfast’.
  2. ‘I won’t see you tomorrow’.
  3. ‘She is smoking right now’
  4. ‘I can help you tomorrow’.
  5. ‘I visited my parents at the weekend’
  6. ‘Everybody must try to do their best”
  7. ‘How are you?’
  8. ‘When does the train leave?’
  9. ‘Who did you see at the meeting?’
  10. ‘Are you hungry?’
  11. ‘Why wasn’t Judy at the party?’
  12. ‘Make some coffee, Bob’
  13. ‘Don’t forget to thank Mrs. Jones!’
  14. ‘Have your tickets ready’
  15. ‘Stop the dog’

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Онлайн тест по теме

Если вы еще не используете в своем арсенале покорения английского Lingualeo, незамедлительно рекомендую это сделать! Много упражнений по грамматике онлайн в интересной подаче, нескучное изучение новой лексики и безграничное количество любопытных материалов по языку!


Упражнение 1:

  1. Told
  2. Said
  3. Said
  4. Told
  5. Said
  6. Told
  7. Told
  8. Said


  1. Is
  2. Was
  3. Was
  4. Had been
  5. Are / were
  6. Was, had been
  7. Were

Упражнение 2:

  1. ‘I am going to leave Rome’
  2. ‘Pete, have you been to Berlin?’
  3. ‘I am thirsty’
  4. ‘Do you like having your meals alone?’
  5. ‘Revise everything for the examination’
  6. ‘He was in Paris 2 years ago’
  7. ‘Will you be back early today?’
  8. ‘We must go to the library after lessons’
  9. ‘Pass me the salad’
  10. ‘The patient cannot walk alone because he is weak’
  11. ‘How do you get to the station?’
  12. ‘I have two children, my son is three and my daughter is five’
  13. ‘Are you ready to go?’
  14. ‘It will take me ten minutes to pack’
  15. ‘Don’t make so much noise’

Упражнение 3:

  1. He said he hadn’t eaten breakfast.
  2. He said he would not see him/her the next day.
  3. He said she was smoking then.
  4. He said he could help him/her/me the next day.
  5. He said he had visited his parents at the weekend.
  6. He said everybody had to try to do their best.
  7. He asked how she was.
  8. He asked when the train left.
  9. He asked who I had seen at the meeting.
  10. He asked if she was hungry.
  11. He asked why Judy hadn’t been to the party.
  12. He asked Bob to make some coffee.
  13. He told me not to forget to thank Mrs. Jones.
  14. He told us to have our tickets ready.
  15. He told me to stop the dog.

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