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Growing consumption and environment. Топик на английском

In recent years our life has become easier and more comfortable thanks to modern technologies which have affected all aspects of human life from nutrition and health to simple entertainment. New products, devices, and other goods are produced daily. Thousands of commercials are shown to attract people to buy things they may not even need. (далее…)

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How can we care about our environment. Топик на английском

Our planet is our fragile home which needs our care and attention. We have done so many bad and harmful things to it, so it is time for us to take care of it. Here are some simple things everyone can do for the environment.

Plastic bags. These objects we use every day and they seem so innocent and harmless to us. In fact, they are bad for the environment because it takes thousands of years to recycle plastic naturally. The best way is to buy reusable bags and take them to supermarkets and other places where you need to use them. And if you jolly well have to buy plastic bags, do not throw them away and try to use them for something else. (далее…)

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Our planet in 50 years. Топик на английском

It is always said that humanity has affected the planet and everything that exists on it. We are being threatened that the results will be catastrophic in the future but what may happen exactly to our planet in 50 years? Here are some predictions. (далее…)

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The strangest animals of the world. Топик на английском

The animal kingdom is so diverse and numerous that you have hardly seen a half of it. Some animals are popular and pretty, others look strange and are unknown to most people. About the last we are going to talk today. 

Starting from reptiles and amphibians, it is essential to mention glass frog. It is small and has colour of lime green. But this is the colour of their back only, the abdominal part of the frog is transparent, so you can see all its insides (далее…)

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Alternative energy sources. Топик на английском языке

We all know that modern ecology remains wanting that’s why we need to find alternative energy sources so that to reduce the harm that we do to our planet and economize current energy.

One of the most popular alternative energy sources is wind energy. It has many benefits similar to those of fuel, however, it is renewable and no waste is produced. There are millions of wind energy installations all over the world already, nevertheless, nations still invest in this sphere to develop its technology. (далее…)

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Топик по английскому языку про озоновый слой — «Ozone layer»

What is the ozone layer?

The ozone layer is 20-50 kilometers above the surface of the Earth. Ozone is a special form of oxygen. The majority of molecules of atmospheric oxygen consist of two atoms. Ozone’s molecule in its turn consists of 3 atoms of oxygen. It derives from the sunlight activity.

Danger and utility of the ozone layer (далее…)

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Ice caps — топик о ледниках

Surprisingly, the problem of global warming though having a strong effect on society still remains a mystery for many people. On the internet, you can read both about dreadful catastrophes caused by global warming and about the fact that this phenomenon is not that bad or even that it is just a myth.

The belief that there is no global warming exists thanks to the myth that even scientists have not come to an agreement about it. However, there is not any dissidence about this issue among specialists. The warming is an accepted fact and there are not any doubts about its reasons. 97-98% of researchers are sure that the changes in climate are caused by human activity. (далее…)

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Английский топик на важную тему: Tropical Rainforests


What are tropical rainforests?

Tropical rainforests are located in hot and wet places close to the Equator. Trees and plants in such forests can have different sizes. Rainforests consist of four different layers:  the emergent (the layer of the highest trees), the canopy, the understorey (low cover) and forest soil. (далее…)

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Environmental protection — важный топик на английском

Топик «Environmental protection» (защита окружающей среды) на английском языке познакомит вас с хорошими фразами и выражениями, которые впоследствии позволят вам высказываться по данной теме.

Our planet is in danger. It becomes more and more polluted every year. In addition, the ozone layer becomes thinner and this may lead to many phenomena, like acid rains, that may destroy our planet and our lives. (далее…)

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Water pollution — актуальный топик

Загрязнение воды в современном мире — очень опасная проблема, поэтому предлагаю поговорить о ней на английском. Water pollution  - топик, который поможет вам при подготовке к экзаменам, обогатив ваш словарный запас.

Water is a liquid chemical substance which is vital for life. We use water for many purposes and we can’t do without it. We drink water, wash everything with it and produce many goods on the base of water. (далее…)

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