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Топик «Statue of Liberty»



The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous monuments of the USA. The people of France gave the Statue to the people of the US in 1886 in recognition of their friendship. The statue is situated on the Liberty Island in New York.

It is the statue of a woman with the torch in her right hand and a tablet evoking the law in her left hand. She also wears a crown with seven spikes that symbolize the light of liberty shining on the seven continents. (далее…)

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Топик «Empire State Building»



New York is one of the most famous cities in the world where many great monuments and buildings are situated. Empire State Building is one of them. It has 102 floors and it attracts thousands of people every day because it has an observatory on the 86th floor from which the whole city is seen.

The Empire State Building is situated in Manhattan on 5th Avenue. It is a place of work for more than 25.000 people. It also used to be the highest building in the world for many years. It was built during the Great Depression at the time when it was difficult to find a job. The construction of the building itself supplied Americans with many jobs. The skyscraper was a symbol of hope that one day America would become strong again. (далее…)

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Топик на английском «Health Care in America»



Each American wants to have a good health. Everybody knows that Americans are a very healthy nation. They do not only do many sport activities, but also consult a physician in time.

No matter if they have a splitting headache, a sore throat, backache or pain in the stomach, they always call a doctor in order to avoid serious consequences. The doctor usually prescribes medicine and puts on medication.

The USA has a health care system of high quality. You should be aware that the majority of medical institutions belong to businesses and different organizations in the private sector, and the American nation owns only a fifth of American hospitals. (далее…)

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Топик на английском «Sports in America»



Sports have a crucial role in American society. They love sports – they love watching them and playing them.

The United States gives great opportunities to be involved in sports. Basketball, baseball, golf, athletics and soccer are the most well-known kinds of sports for boys. Girls practice more basketball, athletics, volleyball and softball.

The American government inspires girls to attend specialized sports clubs over the last 20 years. You can find other high school sports such as gymnastics, tennis, swimming, wrestling and golf. In the summer teenagers spend more time in the street and park with their friends. (далее…)

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