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Реальная история «Hobby as a job» (английский текст с переводом и фразами)

Не просто английский топик, а целая история о том, как любимое хобби одного человека превратилось в его не менее любимую работу! Подтягивайте свой английский и вдохновляйтесь одновременно!

People say, turn your hobby into your career and you won’t work a day in your life. To someone, it might sound like a lost cause. But while they are doubting, others have already made this dream come true and enjoy every working day.

I have my own story about how my hobby has suddenly become my job. When I was 14-15 years old, I started to bake and very soon became really crazy about this hobby. I baked at home, tried different recipes, went to master classes and read a lot about confectionery. (далее…)

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Топик на тему «Old time hobbies»

Nowadays, there are hundreds of different interesting hobbies. Some of them are in-door, others are outdoor activities. And everyone can find a hobby from a personal perspective.

As for our grandparents, they also had hobbies, however, they were slightly different and most of them are no longer popular. Nevertheless, you might want to try some of them when you learn about these old-time hobbies. (далее…)

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Pooktre art — топик о необычном хобби

Years of human habitation on Earth have caused a great harm to nature. Many species have completely disappeared and still, there are thousands of people who behave carelessly and don’t even think about how to prevent a disaster.

However, an interest in ecology and ways of saving the planet are being spread all over the world and a great number of humans starts to care about our planet and about how we influence it. A modern hobby called a pooktre art teaches to love nature and be in harmony with it. (далее…)

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Топик на английском языке о необычном хобби — Colorful dogs

Have you ever thought of having a panda or a tiger at home? But something, mostly the fact that these animals are wild, has always stopped you from having such pets? Cheer up, because we have a solution to your problem.

Brand-new hobby is currently gaining popularity in China but can also come to other countries soon. Chinese people have always been attracted to everything which is somewhat considered to be exceptional. And their modern hobby to dye and trim dogs is a great example of this. (далее…)

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Топик по английскому языку о странном хобби — Appearing in the background on TV

If you think that your collection of spiders or your extreme sport associated hobby are the most unusual ones, you are dreadfully mistaken. Some people have much more weird hobbies. One of them is fond of presenting on the background on TV.

An ordinary Londoner, Paul Yarrow, has appeared in live news on various famous channels like BBC. He doesn’t behave as other people do when they see the camera. He doesn’t put his thumbs up, mug for the camera or even look at it. Usually, he looks absolutely indifferent or does something normal like reading a newspaper or talking on the phone. (далее…)

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Топик по английскому языку на тему Angelina Jolie’s dangerous hobby (Опасное хобби Анджелины Джоли)

Everyone knows beautiful Angelina Jolie as an actress and generous humanitarian. But she is also a great mother of 6 children and filmmaker and producer. It is difficult to imagine how such a fragile woman can be so strong and combine the hard work with raising children and helping those who are in need.

Nevertheless, Jolie has also a soft spot for her personal collection. Looking at Angelina, people might think she collects something like dresses or jewelry. However, she is totally into knives. Her passion for blades dates back to the times she was 12 years old when her mother presented her the first knife. (далее…)

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Топик на тему Quentin Tarantino and his rare collection (Квентин Тарантино и его редкая коллекция)

Имя Квентин Тарантино, я думаю, слышал практически каждый... И первое, что приходит в голову при его упоминании, конечно же, фильмы, cтранные сюжеты, Голливуд, Коламбия Пикчерз))... А знаете ли вы, чем еще, кроме съемок, увлекается эта всемирно известная в кинематографе личность? Данный топик на английском вам об этом с удовольствием расскажет.

Have you ever wondered what famous people may be fond of? Of course, you have. Celebrities are ordinary people but they probably have a more hectic lifestyle. Needless to say, they need to have a rest sometimes. (далее…)

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Топик по английскому языку на тему «Hobby in our life»

И снова поговорим о хобби на английском языке. Перевод текста и полезные фразы по теме будут ниже. Ручаюсь, вам понравится!

Many people think that hobby is just a way of pastime and there is nothing special about it. However, those who think so bark up the wrong tree. Hobby means a lot in our life. It doesn’t only help us to entertain but also have many other positive impacts on the quality of our life. (далее…)

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Топик «My hobby»с переводом на русский язык и полезными фразами

Топик my hobby с переводом на русский язык и полезными фразами подойдет для старшеклассников, студентов и всех, кто изучает английский язык. В рубрике Хобби вы можете найти и другие топики по данной теме.

I have several hobbies, but yoga practice is one of my favourite ones. It is not only an enjoyable but an also useful hobby. I have been doing yoga for several years now and I am sure I will never be bored with it. (далее…)

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Топик на английском языке «Pets»

Готовишься к ОГЭ или ЕГЭ?

  • Тренажер ОГЭ и
  • тренажер ЕГЭ

будут тебе в помощь!  Удачи!

Топик по английскому языку «Pets» с переводом расскажет о домашних животных, а также познакомит с полезными фразами по теме. Текст отлично подойдет тем, кто готовится к ЕГЭ или ОГЭ.

Most people are divided into two groups. Those who have pets and those who dream about them. Dogs, cats, rats, fish, Guiney pigs and many other animals can now be pets. They are different and require a special care, but all of them love you and become your lifelong friends. (далее…)

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